Driven by Passion

We aim to foster the relationships that bond people and their cultures across the world through the potent language of food.

Welcome to Simple Foods Products Limited, a subsidiary of POLIFUDS GROUP SA Switzerland. Our company is a wholesale distribution company of FMCG products. We are a licensed and certified exporter of food products from Nigeria, and now we are one of the major exporters of ethnic food products both industrially processed and ethnically processed.

About Us


We are a leading supplier and exporter of wholesale food and drink products. We export popular brands to key supermarkets and major distributors all over the world. With 10 years of experience, our expertise in logistics and in-house management is what sets us apart. Known brands like Nestle, Guinness, WAMCO, and FreislandCampina have chosen to partner with Polifuds Group SA Switzerland and us as their distributors and exporters of products.
This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Affordable Rates

With a population of 200 million cheap labor and raw materials, Nigeria can produce food products at great, affordable rates.

Agricultural Base

With vast arable lands and over 80% of the population involved in the agricultural sector, the country is one of the leading producers of most ethnic food products.

Diversity of Nigerian Culture

The diverse Nigerian cultures are the reason behind the diversified tropical food products available in each region of the country.

Our Partners

Our Customers

Simple Foods Products Limited strives to maintain and build robust partnership with distributors, leading supermarkets that sell ethnic foods products in Europe, UK, USA, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA and more.

Some of Our

Recent Projects

We understand the dynamics of exporting and the challenges that European and American importers face on a daily basis when it comes to ensuring that products meet international standards. This includes packaging, barcodes, batch numbers, labelling, tariff numbers/HS codes, the correct grammage of packaging materials, product analysis, and writing the language of the export destination. It is always crucial for us to maintain high levels of hygiene while handling the products and to meet the requirements of international food safety regulatory bodies.

Our Vision

To sustain relationship that bond people and their cultures across the world through the potent language of food. Driven by passion to focus on quality , innovation and superior taste that reflects on our wide range of products we export. This as well help us to sustain our customers loyalty.


Trust us as we only export quality products and provide promote reasonable prices.


We ensure quality products, products packaging, quality labelling.


We maintain a dried warehouse of 1000sqm for storage of the goods.


Timely supply and delivery, we deliver products on time and for the products that needs to be processed we are timely with our promised time of delivery.